Photo Credit: Danny Clinch
Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Bruce Springsteen has been on the road for quite some time and in 1975 the album Born to Run dropped. This was Springsteen’s third record and solidified him as a true rock star, going gold in just a matter of weeks. Later that year, he graced the cover of not just Time, but also of Newsweek, calling him “the future of rock’n roll“. Born to Run contains many great tracks, but Thunder Road is a fan favorite.

Speaking of fan’s, the E Street Fans are some of the best, if not the best, in the world. And one fan decided to so what 41 years of Thunder Road looks like. It truly is amazing to see how not just Springsteen has grown, but also the E Street Band, the crowd, and the stage presence.

This video might just give you chills and it truly is breathtaking, be sure to check it out below.


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