Lenovo’s answer to the iPad Pro is the Yoga Book

Lenovo is pairing a traditional touch screen with a touch pad that doubles as a keyboard.



Lenovo’s Yoga line was first created a few years back and with it, the multimode was born. At IFA 2016, Lenovo has pushed the uniqueness of the Yoga line further with the Yoga Book.

This is a different kind of tablet, to say the least, yet it still has the watchband design and a 10-inch display. However, the other half can be a keyboard or a drawing pad. Launching this October in both Android and Windows flavors, Lenovo is recreating the tablet and providing an answer to the iPad Pro. You get the typical touchscreen paired with a touch pad


More specifically the “halo keyboard” is a flat touch keyboard. It is essentially a┬ábacklit keyboard that doesn’t have any physical keys. The keys will appear when you need to use them, and it has a matte feel to it. Similar to Apple devices the “halo keyboard” will feature predictive typing and haptic feedback.

The side with the “halo keyboard” is not just for typing, it can be used for more. Out of the box you get a real-pen accessory which allows you to write as you would in a notebook. All of this happens on the second side of the tablet, not the traditional touch screen part. Lenovo is working with Wacom to make this pen and panel work.

This touch surface is definitely what makes the Yoga Book unique, but it is packed full of technology. It has a full 360-degree hinge with around 15 hours of battery life on both versions. It is powered by a 2.4GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM. You will get 64GB of storage built inside and a micro SD card slot for expansion.

Even better when the Yoga Book drops this October the Android version starts at $499, while the Windows version comes in at $549. October 2016 can not come soon enough, as I am very eager to check out Lenovo’s Yoga Book.