Update: Click this link for the registration page!

Bruce Springsteen and Apple are teaming up, but this time, it is not for an exclusive or streaming deal. Rather, The Boss will appear at the Apple Store SoHo to discuss his upcoming biography Born to Run.

Springsteen will be at the Apple Store SoHo on September 28th at 7 PM. But this will be a very limited event, similar to the other book events he is doing, with only 350 spots open. Registration for the event will happen tomorrow, September 24, at 3:00 PM EST at apple.com.

Registration will be limited to one (1) name, and ID will be checked upon arrival at the event. There are only 350 spots open, and the event will likely sell out quickly.

Those looking to get tickets can visit Apple.com and navigate to the Apple Store SoHo page. At 3 PM EST on September 24th, 2016, an event should pop up and be listed. From there it is a one click RSVP with an Apple ID.


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