CNN is acquiring Beme and will bring Casey Neistat along for the ride


Photo Courtesy of Beme.
Photo Courtesy of Beme.

You might have heard of Beme, a unique type of social network for iOS and Android that wanted to be authentic. And it gained most of it’s download as the man behind it was Casey Neistat, a popular YouTuber, who has over 5,800,000 subscribers. Well, last week Neistat announced he was ending his daily Vlog, and today CNN announced that they are acquiring Beme.

Yes, a media giant is taking Beme, and it’s 13 member team, including Casey Neistat. Beme is going away, but a new media brand is being born and will be launching in Summer 2017. It appears that this new brand will stick to video and will allow for creation in-house and by users as well.

While not much information is known as of now, it seems that CNN is going full throttle behind this new venture. Casey Neistat will be on as an executive producer, and the core Beme team is being kept in their NYC office, but CNN will be hiring more team members as well.

And Casey Neistat is still free to run his YouTube channel, but it will be interesting to see how it changes in the coming months.