Samsung and Sony have been quite on the TV side, but LG is hitting the ground running. The company has just unveiled it’s 2017 Super UHD TV lineup. These are not OLED models, but rather LCD units. LG’s secret weapon this year is Nano Cell Technology which should make these models even better.

Introducing the SJ9500, SJ8500 and SJ8000– These are the flagship third generation models. Active HDR with Dolby Vision is built-in, which means you can watch almost any HDR content. While this support for different formats is nice to see, the screen quality is more important.

Nano Cell Technology helps with colors, by using uniformly sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter to create a wider range of colors. These end up be more accurate and work well from different viewing angles. Meaning that if someone is watching a movie on the TV straight on, they will have the same experience as someone to the left or the right.

Furthermore, LG has partnered with TechniColor to ensure the colors being presented on the TV are accurate to how they should look. Along with enhancements to color accuracy and presentation, LG is shipping webOS 3.5 on these models. This delivers new features to the Magic Remote and new integration with Netflix. By allowing you to tap one button the remote to see all of your favorite content, you can even sort of what is available in 4K.

While OLED’s are quite expensive and LCD’s are generally more affordable, LG has not yet announced pricing for the 2017 Super UHD TV lineup. I imagine we will find out more when the show floor opens in a few days.

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