Artificial Intelligence was a big trend of 2016, but we honestly haven’t seen the brunt of it yet. 2017 is going to be big for AI and Robots–And at least one technology giant is bringing them in full force. LG has announced that they are expanding from just cleaning robots, and going into general robots.

The mission with these first non-cleaning robots from LG will be able to work with other smart technology in the home and elsewhere. The Hub Robot is designed for the home and is a smart home gateway– you can expect this one to act most as a personal assistant. Another robot will be designed for the outdoors, specifically with gardening and yard work.

The third piece to the puzzle appears to be more business oriented with robots that can function in public places like airports and hotels. LG will hopefully show off all of these robots come later this week, but in the meantime we can look towards the LG HOM-BOT for design inspiration.

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