Vacuums can be exciting, and LG just announced its new line of CordZero cleaners. The CordZero Handstick and Canister are the latest generation with new motors on-board. Both of these models should launch later this year, with pricing coming closer to availability.

The CordZero Handstick has a new design with a telescoping handle. It charges via a wall mounted stand, that will also keep the unit upright when charging. Regarding technology, you get a new Smart Inverter Motor paired with a 3D turbo air fan. The power generated from the motor and fan combo, go right into the cleaner head. This ensures that the vacuum can pick up large and small particles alike. You can expect 80 minutes of use from the removable Dual PowerPack lithium-ion batteries.

The more compact model is the Cord Zero canister. The new Smart Inverter Motor is here as well. Even better technology is on the forefront with RoboSense 2.0 technology. It will automatically follow the user and it has obstacle detection built-in. A Power Driver Nozzle is on the canister which allows it to pick up particles of any size.

It seems that the Cord Zero canister might be going after robotic vacuum cleaners. But LG’a approach is not full throttle with technology, rather it works with the person operating and makes the cleaning job easier to get done. While the Handstick model opts for the traditional route, by not throwing in too much technology.

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