In the summer of last year, AT&T introduced its first Starter Kit to inspire developers to create with IoT. This year at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show the wireless carrier is releasing two new kits. This time around there is a kit for Amazon Web Services and one that utilizes a Rasberry Pi.

The T&T IoT Starter Kit, powered by AWS will let developers harness the power of Amazon in there IoT project. This kit includes an LTE Cat-1 modem, a SIM with 300 MB of prepaid data, two antennas, NXP K64F development board, a microSD card for storage, and a few cables. This is a dedicated kit to explore IoT and to use Amazon’s powerful Web Service cloud as a backend. This starter kit retails for $99 directly from AT&T.

The second kit released is the AT&T LTE IoT Add-on Kit, this is made for developers who want to use their own Rasberry Pi. It includes many cellular components that can plug-in over USB to your computer. This kit retails for just $59 and is available from AT&T.

It is great to see that AT&T is working with developers to give them affordable solutions to help build out the Internet of Things.

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