As computers have advanced, the designs have gotten thinner and lighter. Which has resulted in the removal of many ports, including the Kensington Security Slot. To solve this problem, Kensington has introduced the Laptop Locking Station 2.0 today at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Instead of having the lock plug into a dedicated locking slot on the computer, this new design wraps around the display. Or rather they employ adjustable security arms that are located on each side of the locking station. This will fit laptops ranging from 11-inch to 15.6-inch models. You can quickly lock and unlock the computer with these adjustable arms.

The Locking Station 2.0 itself has a MicroSaver 2.0 Keyed Lock which the cord will lock into if you want to secure it to a table or desk.

Kensington’s Laptop Locking Station 2.0 will launch in 2017 for an unannounced price.

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