Incipio is not just launching new products of its own at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, but they are also announcing a partnership. B&O Play, the consumer-oriented brand of Bang & Olufsen, is partnering with Incipio to launch a line of Mobile Accessories. This new line will be launching in the Spring of this year, but they are announcing this new line at the show today.

These are being called premium mobile accessories which will include higher grade materials like genuine leather and anodized aluminum. Along with several different styles of color to choose from. You will see several different styles of cases, along with power packs, car chargers, and charging cables.

At first, this B&O Premium Mobile Accessories line will only feature cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, it is expected that within in a few months it should expand to other devices. Incipio will be working B&O Play to design the line. However, Incipio will be handling the manufacturing and global distribution of the new products.

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