Verizon quietly hikes the Upgrade Fee to $30

Why Verizon?


Last week was the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, and it was jam-packed with announcements. Verizon, on the other hand, was silent, but they did sneak a change through, an unpleasant one. The upgrade fee, which they charge every time you get a new device, is going to $30.

It seems that Verizon was too quiet, this is $10 increase, from a fee that formerly was high at $20. Each time a customer gets a new phone, you have to pay a fee, which is now $30 per line and upgrade.

While these charges are not unheard of, Verizon at least informs their customers that these fees help to cover the increased cost of maintaining the network. Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced the new One with taxes and fees included last week.