T-Mobile is underway with their Un-carrier Next even at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. They have spoken about the past four years, and now they are moving on to the future. Today, T-Mobile’s Un-carrier Next is new rules for the internet. Yes, the core reason why many use smartphones it to get that connection.

T-Mobile started the ONE plan a while back, which offered unlimited access to the internet. And Starting January 22nd T-Mobile One will be the only post-paid plan moving forward. This will end selling data by the byte and instead offering Unlimited only, with some throttling.

Extra fees like a “smartphone access” one found on Verizon are going away. Or rather they being calculated into the price that is listed on T-Mobile. The individual plan on T-Mobile One will come in at $70 exactly for a person with one device. For a family, it will be an extra $40 per line, yes exactly $40 per line will show up on the bill. They are simply all in on one price that includes all taxes and fees. It is $40 for the 2nd line, and it will drop to $20 for lines 3-12.

This is pretty unprecedented for a wireless carrier, as they are rolling in all of the fees into the T-Mobile One price. It is being very honest with the customer and offering them a simple solution. And in T-Mobile fashion, you will get some nice benefits. If you use 2 GB or less in a month, you get up to a $10 credit on your next month’s bill per line.

The prices equal out to $70 for a line, $120 for two lines, and $20 more for each extra line for three and up. A family of four on T-Mobile’s One plan will come to $160 a month. T-Mobile is giving you price guarantee on this plan. This ensures that there will not be surprise changes made to the plan or how much it will cost.

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