Remote presence technologies aka robots that allow a person to be somewhere, even though they are in a different location, are cool. More importantly, they can have an impact on life, for instance, if a child is sick they can still attend class virtually. Suitable Technologies already has the Beam and Beam Pro remote presence robots. However, today at the 2017 CES, they are upgrading the entry-level Beam.

Beam still retains a 10” video screen, a set of 4 microphones, and a speaker. The unit itself stands at 4’5″ and uses four wheels to move around. This means it can handle ramps and long hallways with bumps like a champ– It also meets the ADA(American’s Disability Act) standards. For video, it has two 480p HDR cameras that combine for a 30-degree field of view. Beam also has around 8 hours battery life, which means it can last for a full work day as well.

The new and upgraded Beam is available today for $3,995 plus a yearly subscription payment of $395. Also if you already have a Beam, Suitable Technologies is offering upgrades to get you on the newer model.

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