We all know that Hulu has a live streaming offering coming at some point in the future. In fact, it will hopefully be later this year and will add another option to an already crowded market. However, in a recent interview with AdWeek, Hulu’s CEO Mike Hopkins put the attention on offline playback.

A direct competitor to Hulu and probably the biggest one would be Netflix, and they added offline playback for all users way back in November. The feature comes in handy, but it does not work with all titles. Either way, it can help to save on monthly data and lets you bring your favorite shows and movies with you. Hulu’s CEO said the company is working on offline playback and it is a feature they want to add. It appears they want all of their content to have the offline option.

We will have to wait and see what launches first– Hulu’s offline playback feature or their live TV offering.


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