Being able to access NJTechReviews, and allowing all of our readers to have an easy experience doing so, is of the utmost important. An essential part of running a website is hosting and while there are many providers to turn too, they are not all made the same. Throughout the years since our launch way back in 2010 we have been with big names like GoDaddy and 1and1, but consistently the experience was not up to par.

Back in 2014, we made our most recent switch and I can confidently say it was one of our best decisions. NJTechReviews switched to DigitalFyre for hosting, they launched in 2009 and provide outstanding service. Most recently, during our busiest time of the year which is CES, we made the switch to a Virtual Private Server for our hosting needs. The team at DigitalFyre handled the switch and did so with no down time at all. But this is just one example of how DigitalFyre offers consistent reliability, excellent support, and a real helping hand since 2014.

Uptime is key for any news site and with NJTechReviews it is no different, while we have had issues in the past with our providers, I can confidently say that we have had a 100% uptime experience with DigitalFyre. And if an issue ever arises they treat it as if it is the most important one they have ever received. Even better if something is wrong, they will work tirelessly until the issue is resolved and service is back to normal. With that being said they also respond very quickly to any and all support requests.

DigitalFyre also offers a plan for everyone and for any size scenarios. From basic shared hosting starting at just $4 a month too full dedicated servers starting at $199 a month. All plans have access to a phenomenal control panel. From here you can monitor your plans, make changes to billing, easily contact support, and so much more.

While DigitalFyre only launched in 2009 they host over 1.5 million websites, have eight data centers around the world, support that is available 24/7 365 days a year, have 1,000Gbps of connectivity per second, and a 100% average uptime. NJTechReviews as a whole has found a hosting provider that we will not be leaving anytime soon or rather ever. The service that DigitalFyre provides is outstanding and if you are looking for hosting you should look no further than DigitalFyre. You can check out all of their services and learn more about the company at


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