YouTube has been around since 2005, and they are home for videos on the web, or at the largest place to find them. They are bringing the magic of YouTube to live TV, and this is a television plan for the “YouTube Generation” as the company put it. Introducing YouTube TV, the latest entry into cord cutting market that comes in at $35 a month.

Unlike Sling TV or DirecTV Now which offers several different plans, YouTube TV offers one plan for $35 a month. This gives you access to over 40 live TV channels, all of YouTube Red’s content, six accounts per membership, and a DVR. These live TV channels include ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, Bravo, Disney Channel, and many others. You also get local channels that are tied to the home zip code on the account. Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus can be added to the subscription for an additional monthly fee.

YouTube TV has a solid lineup of channels, but that is not all. For the one $35 a month fee you can share the account with up to six others. While three accounts can be watching simultaneously and each account gets it own unlimited DVR. Unlimited in the sense that it will store each recording for up to nine months. All of the original content that YouTube has worked hard on is here at no extra cost as well.

Make no mistake this was designed for the “YouTube Generation” which is a mobile first one. A lot of attention has been put into the design of the iOS and Android applications, which will be launching first. At launch they will be Chromecast enabled thus allowing you to send your videos to the big screen. Streaming boxes and smart TV’s will gain support in the coming months. Even better since this is not cable, you can cancel the service anytime for no fee.

At just $35 a month for six accounts, a DVR, and over 40 channels YouTube TV seems like a very well thought out product. Moreover, it will inspire more competition in the cord-cutting sector. YouTube TV will be launching soon in the “largest U.S. markets” with other locations rolling out soon after.


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