ZTE USA does it again.

Today they’ve announced one of the most baffling consumer phones, one that folds. We’re not quite sure how wanted this but the device supposedly has the capabilities of two smartphones working simultaneously, which sounds interesting until you see that it’s actually two smartphones connected together.

Features include a Duel Mode, which lets you use both screen for separate tasks, an Extended mode, which allows the user to get a “full” 6.75 inch HD display experience, Mirror Mode, which is exactly what you’d expect in that it displays the same content on both screen and Traditional Mode which just runs the device as a standard smart phone which is apparently easy to hold.

The phone is set to run on Android Nougat, with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM. One of the biggest surprises on this phone is that it does in fact have a headphone jack.

The device is set to launch on AT&T for $24.17 over 30 months, which comes to a total of $725.10.


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