Apple will be kicking off iPhone X pre-orders in just a few days on October 27th with an official launch on November 3rd. And chances are this flagship device will be hard to find with demand expected to be record high. But for those who use Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, they want to make the process as pain-free as possible.

You can now get pre-approved to pre-order the iPhone X if you are already enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program. This program, which is financed through Citizens One Bank, is from Apple directly and includes AppleCare+ for the device. The iPhone X starts at $41.91 on the iPhone Upgrade Program for a 64GB device, while the 256GB variant will come in at $56.16.

The process is pretty seamless and allows you to get pre-approved by running your credit and checking your information ahead of time. New this year, which we first saw with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, is the ability for iPhone Upgrade Members to upgrade via mail. In that, Apple will ship your new device to you and will send you a box to send your old device back in.

Customers already enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program can now get pre-approved to pre-order the iPhone X via the Apple Store App. Keep in mind that after the pre-approval, you will still need to complete the pre-order at 12:01 AM PST/3:01 AM EST on October 27th 2017.


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