When you think of smartphone stabilizers, your mind most likely jumps to DJI’s Osmo or a Steadicam-like device, but there is a new entry at the 2018 CES. Taro a company who has previously made stabilizers has the new T1. Which is a stabilizer for DSLR’s and smartphones alike that is power by Artificial Intelligence or AI, along with some infrared technology on board.

What makes the Taro T1 unique would be the stabilizer itself and the optional infrared tracking module. As it uses a sequential infrared tag and an infrared camera that tracks the environment or movements and then adjusts accordingly. The Taro can follow objects at up to 50 miles per hour, which is pretty impressive for a product like this and allows it to be used in a plethora of scenarios. And artificial intelligence is working behind the scenes to identify movement and then to adjust the shot.

The Taro T1 features Auto Tracking, Dynamic Tracking, Action sequencing, and Auto Cut. And all of thee features will work together to help you get a video or a photo that is comfortable to view. When it lands in April the Taro T1 for smartphones will be priced at $199, while the DSLR model will be $599. But the optional infrared tracking module will go for $99 on its own.

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