At Toy Fair 2018, Crayola unveiled several new products for the upcoming seasons, including the Ultimate Light Board. This creative display makes use of a large clear board that you can create on with Gel FX markers.

You can think of it as a customizable surface board that is packed with LED lights around the edges to make your creations glow. In a demo at Toy Fair, Crayola showed off some simple and complex drawings made with these Gel FX Markers that, when hit with LED lights, create a glowing effect. There are also three different light modes: constant, flickering, and a glowing effect that is like lights on Broadway.

Since you’re drawing on a transparent surface, you can easily trace or even place a back panel to give it an extra layer. The board can be wiped clean with a cloth and some water as well, allowing you to create as much as you would like. The Ultimate Light Board includes six Gel FX markers which can easily be stored in the legs of the unit. Crayola’s Ultimate Light Board will cost $24.95 when it lands in August.


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