Well after the major Skype crash, that took place earlier this week, all is well again in Skype. All users are back on, just in time for the Holidays. After all how would you connect with your friends and family who live on the other side of the world, without using Skype. It truly would be a difficult situation. Well luckily enough were not in that situation. After Skype went down, it got back up again. The businesses who use it, say it’s working fine again. Hopefully it did not screw up any important letting. Ah the best part is that Skype will compensate for the downtime. Free users, will receive a 30 minute free credit. Paying users will get a free 7 day’s credit. So we will be getting a Holiday gift from Skype. This is truly a very nice and generous gesture from Skype. Check Skype’s website and its blog for updates on when the presents will start arriving. All that matter’s is that Skype is back and is working better than ever.



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