As, 2010 comes to end, most think what is coming in 2011. This is know different for us, we think it every year. Many are expecting thousands of new gizmos and gadgets for 2011. But, what can we actually expect to see. Some companies say what they will have. Others keep it a secret. Some make huge keynotes about it at CES or a private media event. The only way to know for sure is to wait for it to come to market. Below is a list on what might come in 2011.

Tablets- We expect to see many many tablet coming 2011. Especially running Android and Windows 7. There have been little news about was is coming but, from what we’ve seen already it will be big.

SmartPhones- Many new SmartPhones, just keep getting better and better.

3D-It will still be here. Hopefully prices will go down; but no guarantee

LED Tvs- Hoping the price will go down. A much better picture so is worth the money. Wait for a sale though.

LCD TVs-looking at a big price drop, as LED takes over market.

BluRay- Prices have been coming down, but very gradually. If you bought on BlackFriday prices were seen as low as $50 for a Toshiba BluRay player. Or $100 for a Sony, with internet applications.

3D BluRay- Will be making a big impact on the market. Need a 3D TV to use, only for people who want to spend a lot of money. Also remember BluRay DVDs are expensive, Now add the Cost of 3D onto it. A lot of money but, is pretty cool to watch.

E-Readers-The battle will definitely continue, Probably see a new Nook and Kindle. Also just new E-Readers for cheaper money.

Cars- We will see many many hybrid or even electric cars hitting the market. Nissan’s Leaf is one of the first of its kind; All Electric. People are finally releasing it pays more to buy a hybrid or electric than pay for the expensive gas. Gas will not be getting cheaper, so it does eventually pay to get a hybrid or electric car. It is the new cool thing to get, Eco-Freindly.

So this is your sneak peek at 2011. 2010 was great for the whole Electronics Industry, this means there are Very High Hopes for the industry in 2011. They will most likely might these hopes! Happy Holidays from all of us at NJTechReviews.


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