Earlier today Samsung sent out invite’s to the press for an August 15th media event in NYC. And as usual they include a graphic of some sort on the invite itself. In fact you can see the graphic above, and it looks like it has to do with their Galaxy Note line of products. As you may remember earlier this year Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10.1, that is for oversea markets. This very well could be the announcement for the US variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1! And basically it is a 10.1-inch tablet that has all of the added productivity and fun of the S-Pen built-in. It is also sports a quad-core processor, which means you will have some super fast speeds. But keep in mind this was for the overseas version, so they may have something different in store for the US. Or they could be announcing something entirely different, but I think it is safe to say it is part of the Galaxy Note line of devices. The drawing it self looks like a tablet and has “Meet the new way” written across it. While they are other lines going around the device. I for one am very excited if they do bring the power of the S-Pen to an even larger screen. Of course NJTechReviews will be at the event and will be bringing you the news as soon as it is announced! We will have to wait and see, and our questions will all be answered on August 15th!


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