Boost Mobile is expanding it’s device and plan offerings, they are adding their first mobile hotspot device. The NETGEAR Fuse will be landing this Friday, July 17th on, but if you really want immediate gratification, it is available now from BestBuy. Boost is also launching it’s first no-contract WiFi hotspot plan, which starts at $25 a month for 1.5GB.

The NETGEAR Fuse on Boost Mobile will be a no-contract device, so to buy it out right will be $49.99 plus sales tax. The Fuse can deliver LTE speeds, and I’m assuming it will drop down to 3G if 4G LTE is not available in your area. It will allow up to 10 WiFi device to connect to it. It has a 2500mAh battery inside and both Boost Mobile and NETGEAR are estimating battery at around 10 hours. The hotspot itself is quite portable coming in at just 0.6 inches thick and just 4.66 ounces.

It features a 1.77-inch display that will let you see battery life, data usage, network connectivity, and other information that you may find useful. For security, the NETGEAR Fuse allows you to have password protection, the ability to block or unblock devices,  and to establish a guest network. The last feature I mentioned, the guest network, will probably come in very handy for when you need to give a user one time access to the internet.


Boost Mobile is offering two no-contract WiFi hotspot plans for you to choose from. The first will come in at $25 a month and will give you 1.5GB of data, while the second offering is $50 a month and will provide a much larger 10GB of data. There is a quite a big difference in the amount of data you will receive, and keep in mind that Boost Mobile utilizes Sprint’s 4G LTE network. They are still working on the network and rollout is well underway, I would recommend checking coverage in your area ahead of time.

Both the NETGEAR Fuse and Boost Mobile’s no-contract WiFi hotspot plans are available today, and are currently available from BestBuy, while will get them on July 17th.



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