Verizon is not just a wireless carrier, they are an innovative and reliable company for several reasons. While they do have an incredibly powerful and lightning fast 4G LTE network, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They also have the Powerful Answers Awards which happen on a yearly basis and when you combine this with their innovation centers, it shows that they are here to help push technology further. This week Verizon made a big move, they are teaming up with Grind to open up a new co-working space in Lower Manhattan.


This is historic for a few reasons, for starters this is in a great neighborhood in NYC, plus the building it will be in Verizon’s landmark building on 140 West Street in Lower Manhattan. This was Verizon’s former headquarters and it was recently sold to create 100 Barclay’s residual apartments. But, Verizon did not seem the whole building and they still have a few floors to themselves, including this co-working space. The space will allow innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs to come and work together. The space itself will be over 10,000 square feet and Verizon is working with Grind to operate and curate the experience.


A huge advantage of having a Verizon as a partner, it is it many resources. Including their advanced Internet services, which will be lighting fast and reliable. Verizon Ventures will be coming into mentor those who use the space and to provide insight. Inside of the landmark building you will find conference rooms, meeting spaces,  team rooms, and open workspaces. Verizon can also use the facility to host events and specific programing.

One thing to note is that while Grind is a great partner, Verizon does not have an exclusivity agreement with them. Meaning that if they look to open another co-working space up in an area were Grind has not yet launched yet, they can partner with another company. For instance, if this space in Lower Manhattan is a hit and Verizon decides they want to open up several others in the city, and if Grind can’t keep up, Verizon can partner with other companies.

Overall, this is an exciting announcement and really opens up the future, it will be interesting to see if Verizon integrates it’s Powerful Answers Awards into this space as well. Stay tuned for more coverage on Verizon’s new incubator and co-working spaces.


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