There has been a widespread outcry in regards to Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration that was signed into law on Friday. The order put a 90-day ban on immigrants from seven countries on entering the United States. In response to this news, many companies in the USA and around the world have offered a response.

Lyft has announced to that they will be making a $1 million donation to ACLU( the American Civil Liberties Union) over the next four years. The blog post, written by the co-founders of the ride-sharing application, stated that this ban is not in-line and is “antithetical” to Lyft’s and the United States values. It is safe to say that many other companies, citizens in the United States, and people around the globe feel the same way.

John and Logan, the co-founders of Lyft, closed by saying “We ask that you continue to be there for each other – and together, continue proving the power of community.”


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