Some Kickstarter projects are more promising than others, and Jack by Podo Labs is one of them. When Apple removed the headphone jack, it caused anger for some users, and not everyone is diving into the wireless headphone industry. However, Jack by Podo Labs in a small dongle that has Bluetooth connectivity and a headphone jack.

Thus allowing anybody to turn traditional headphones with an auxiliary port into wireless ones. It is not device specific, as it will work any headphone that has adopted the in-line remote standard. The Jack’s themselves have a 300mAh battery inside that should sustain connectivity for 12 hours in most scenarios. The Jack connect with smartphones and tablets, but you also have the ability to connect it to Bluetooth in a car or even with a TV.

Jack by Podo Labs is a relatively small device as well; it also comes white/gold, black/gunmetal, and navy blue/gold. You can back Jack right now on Kickstarter starting at $29 here.


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