SOS Connected Watch for Seniors

Haier has just unleashed the SOS Connected Watch for Children and the SOS Connected Watch for Seniors. This is the first time the company is entering the smartwatch or wearable market. These two connected wearables were designed specifically for children and seniors.

Both the SOS Connected Watch for children and for seniors feature a 0.96-inch OLED screen and are waterproof at depths up to 30 meters. The children’s model comes in three colors choices, those being black, pink, and green. The SOS Connected Watch for seniors has a simple design and features a leather strap in either black or red. Both models of the watch feature battery life up to two days and are equipped with both a microphone and a speaker. Each watch has the companion Via app, which will be available in both the Google Play Store for Androids and the App Store for iOS devices.

SOS Connected Watch for Children

This will allow parents or caretakers to set up a geographical safe zone for the watch and if it leaves that area, the smartphone will receive a notification. Through the application you will be able to make a call to the watch and can listen to audio through the watch, similar to a baby monitor function. The application will also feature GPS tracking for several days, allowing you to see where the watch has been and retrace steps if necessary.

Haier has not yet announced pricing or availability for the SOS Connected Watch for Children or for the SOS Connected Watch for Seniors, but we expect this to be announced at a later date in 2016.

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