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Lenovo is unleashing the world’s thinnest convertible laptop at the 2016 Consume Electronics Show. Introducing the Lenovo YOGA 900S, it is built from carbon fiber and is just 12.8 millimeter thick. This is much thinner than previous models and it is much lighter at just 999 gram, this is thanks to its carbon fiber construction. While it has good looks and is crazy thin, it still packs a punch with performance.

Even at 12.8 millimeters thick, the YOGA 900S still gets all day power, as Lenovo rates it at 10.5 hours of battery life. This will give you all day access to get your work done and when you need more, simply plug it in to the charger. You still get a watchband hinge design which is exclusive to Lenovo, and this allows for the different modes. It is running Windows 10 Home and it has support for an optional active pen. This will let you draw and take notes directly on the screen, or even annotate a webpage in Microsoft Edge.

YOGA 900S in Gold_Close-up of 360-degree Watchband Hinge

Truth be told, the YOGA 900S is gorgeous looking, it comes in your choice of Champagne Gold or Platinum Silver. It has up to a 12.5-inch QHD 2560 X 1440 10-point multi-touch display. You can have up to 8GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage, and it is powered by up too Intel 2nd Intel Core m7 CPU along with Intel HD Graphics on board.

I cannot wait to check out the Lenovo YOGA 900S in the coming week. The YOGA 900S will be landing in March of 2016 and will start at $1,099.

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