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Sleep Number is known for there smart mattresses, that can be customized for each person and can provide valuable data. Now, at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show the company has unleashed the “it bed”. This is a new affordable and smart mattress, in fact it will make you smarter about sleep.

The it bed will quantify your sleep on a nightly basis, it will provide you with predictive modeling to help you sleep better, and can even connect with select third-party applications. Like other Sleep Numbers, it will allow you to adjust each side of the mattress to whatever you need may be. SleepIQ Technology is how the it bed will track your sleep, it has biometric sensors that will track your entire bed several times. This will track things like heart and breathing rates, along with presence and restfulness. SleepIQ will learn how you sleep from the data, from there it can go about creating models to recommend adjustments. With the SleepIQ API you will be able to take the data from the bed and connect it to the outside world.

With ActiveComfort Technology the it bed will respond to you, as it has dual foam-filled air chambers that responds to your needs while you are sleeping. This can be making the bed more firm and getting your comfort level up to par. This way if you had a hard day at the gym, using the SleepIQ Technology the bed may suggest a different sleep number.

The it bed from Sleep Number will be quite affordable, and very much so more affordable than previous mattresses, it will come in around $1,000 when it launches later this year. It will be available from then delivered to your house and assembled within minutes.

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