TrackR a company who builds intelligent tracking devices and software applications, today announced the Works with TrackR platform. This new platform will enable developers and manufacturers alike to have any almost any item be located with TrackR’s Crowd GPS network. 

This platform is a full SDK and partnership that will allow companies to build track-able products, allowing us to get closer to the goal being able to not lose our stuff. These companies who make these track-able products will then be able to use the TrackR Crowd GPS network, which can help customers locate their items across the globe.

TrackR has announced the first set of partners who are in the Works with TrackR platform. HP is now apart of the TrackR program thanks to a specially designed bag that has a pocket for TrackR devices. Key port has created key ring tool that has TrackR technology inside, this will help you keep track of your keys. This brings a new level of security to key port, and I expect to see uses cases like this expand.

Mezzi will let customers recover their purses and handbags from within the Mezzi mobile application. Cross Pens is releasing the Peerless 125 that has TrackR technology inside, this honors there 125 year history of creating pens. This will truly be a writing device that you can never lose. Lastly, Royce Leather has launched a trackable wallet that has TrackR technology inside.

These are just the first partners being announced for the Works with TrackR platform, expect to hear many more names announced in the coming months.

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