Raumfeld is making some big waves at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show! For starters they are bring their brand and speakers to the United States for the first time, Google Cast support is being added, and added support for SoundCloud! The German engineered and designed speaker company will be available in the US on February 1st 2016. When they become available here you will be able to use Google Cast to send music to the speakers and stream songs from SoundCloud, along with other music service platforms.

By bringing Google Cast support, it seems that Raumfeld might be targeting the market of SONOS speakers, especially with how the starting price is only $249. Increasing the range of content that the Raumfeld speakers support has been a big a goal for the company, with the addition of Google Cast they move towards this. You will now be able to stream from a mobile device, as well as PCs, Macs, and from a Google Chrome browser. Google Cast allows you get hi-fi sound experience from a variety of sources.

Raumfeld Google Cast for audio 01

Currently Raumfeld supports Spotify, TIDAL, and private collections house on home networks. Google Cast expands this to Deezer, Tune In, and of course Google Play Music. But, Raumfeld is also adding in support SoundCloud, which is one of the leading social sound platform. This service in particular is constantly growing and expanding the size of its library. One big streaming service that is missing would have to be Apple Music, it will be interesting to see if support is added for this, especially since this platform is available on SONOS.

All of the Raumfeld speakers are controlled from the Raumfeld mobile application, that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices. The entire family of Raumfeld products will be available in the United States starting on February 1st 2016 and they will start at $249.

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