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Haier is showcasing quite the selection of televisions at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Shows. Their lineup includes Roku HDTVs, 4K TVs, and Curved TVs; including a large 65-inch curved UHD LED TV. Among the other televisions are models that offer Android based smart interfaces, as well as several Roku televisions.

Along with the 65-inch curved UHD LED TV, will be Haier’s large 105-inch LED Curved TV that has a 5K resolution, to be more specific a resolution of 5120 X 2160. The LD105Q9000W features an ultra thin metal design, with a unique stand that is on either side of the television. Along with the 105-inch Curved TV features practically no bezels and a very immersive experience with a curved radius of 4000mm.

In addition to curved UHD LED TVs, Haier will also be releasing several models that have Roku streaming built-in. These TVs will feature a built-in sound chamber and will come in sizes ranging from 32-inch up to 55-inches.

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If you are looking for a television with great sound, the Haier Series Music TVs might be for you. The Haier H9600 Series Music TV features 4K resolution with an innovative smart interface. This 4K resolution is found in a curved television that features a super thin design. Along with 8 speakers and DBX processor for a powerful audio output. This will come in 55 and 65 inch models.

Lastly, Haier H9600 Series Music TV  features 4K resolution and an innovative smart interface. Along with 8 speakers and DBX processor for a powerful audio output. The H9600 Series Music TV will be available in 49, 55, and 65 inch models.

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