ZTE is not just announcing phones that are available today, but they are working on a unique project. Project CSX is a community sourced mobile device, yes ZTE is working with fans to build a smartphone. This will take shape and happen through Z-Community which is a member led site that will shape the future of ZTE. It will be shaping both ZTE’s services and mobile devices of the future.

This device will be unveiled next year, 2017, at the Consumer Electronics Show. ZTE noted today that last year they proved that when customers are at the heart of what you are designing, that it ends up working out. The Axon smartphone series was done this way and they kicking this approach up to 10 for 2016. Z-Community will be used to improve upon what ZTE has already done and to help develop future products.

Members of Z-Community will get a big benefit in being able to choose and help shape the future of ZTE. Not only will they be doing that, but they will get access to rewards, products, and exclusive events. ZTE has shown love to there fans by taking a select few of them to experience New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

ZTE wants to develop these deeper relationships with customers and to gain feedback, those interested in joining Z-Community can visit community.zteusa.com to register and to get more information.

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