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Samsung has already impressed us with their 2016 SUHD TV lineup that includes a gorgeous bezel free design and even better picture quality. But they aren’t just showing off the TVs for this year, Samsung has several concept TVs at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show this year.

At Samsung’s booth you can check out the Future of TV zone, a first for the company. This year the zone is focused on modular televisions, and they are pretty crazy. Modular televisions are made up from many television screens that can come together in almost any shape or size, but they allow for the ultimate home entertainment customization for consumers.

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The first concept being shown off is a massive and the worlds largest SUHD TV, coming at 170-inches. In fact this is not just one display but it is a few modular displays that come together and will allow for the ultimate life-sized video experience. The second concept in the Future of TV Zone is transformable TV that can be almost any ratio you want, from 16:9 screen ratio to a 21:9 screen. The screens will physically split into two parts and re-assembling on the sides when you decide to watch a wide-screen video.

Samsung is showing that the future of home entertainment is very bright and just as much innovative. Check out the full gallery of Samsung’s concept TVs below.



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