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LG, as a company, is really big in announcing accessories for products that not yet been announced. They are evidently continuing with this method in 2016. LG has announced the Touch Enabled Quick Cover for the unannounced LG G5. This will be the next flagship device from the company and the device is rumored to feature an always-on display.

The Touch Enabled Quick Cover is a dramatically big update to the popular Quick Cover case that the company has offered for several years. The touch technology works through a semitransparent mesh cover, similar to the build of the Quick Cover case for the K10 device.

LG has also pretty much confirmed the always-on display technology of the G5, as with the case on you will be able to view the time, date and notifications. The case quality is meant to match the G5, with unique film with and glossy metallic finish. By swiping and touching the Touch Enabled Quick Cover you will be able too take calls and control alarm settings right on the case.

The LG G5 will be announced at the 2016  Mobile World Congress, and the Touch Enabled Quick Cover case will be shown off then as well.

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