Last year, Verizon unveiled a Custom TV package for FiOS customers. Which proved that the TV revolution was upon us and that one day, hopefully in the near future, that customers would only have to pay for channels that they want. Verizon made a big change, but they didn’t provide that many options. This will change this week, as Verizon is revamping their Custom TV package for FiOS.

Starting this Sunday, Verizon’s Custom TV package will grow and add many more channels for you to choose from. These new packages were designed with the same goals in mind, to let customers pay for what they want. This way they don’t end up paying more for channels they don’t watch or enjoy. There are two new core plans for Custom TV, those being entertainment and sports & more.

The entertainment package will give you channels like Discovery Channel, Lifetime, History, Bravo, Fox News that fall into Lifestyle, Entertainment, Pop Culture, Kids, and News categories. The sports & more package provides channels like NBCSN, Fox Sports 1 and ESPN as well as regional sports channels for your market. The more pat of sports & more includes Cartoon Network, CNBC, and TNT.

For $6 more a much you can add on extra packs to your Custom TV package like the Movie Lovers Pack, Kids Teens & Family Pack, and the Global Sports Pack. You will also get the FiOS TV Local package at no extra charge. It will be interesting to see in what other ways Verizon FiOS differentiates itself from other cable provides throughout 2016.


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