Photo Courtesy of Tom England
Photo Courtesy of Tom England

The River Tour 2016 is flowing along and at the most recent stop in St. Louis at the Chaifetz Arena, the night turned into an extra special moment for one fan. Springsteen regularly invites people on stage for a dance, especially during Dancing in the Dark. But, one lucky fan got to temporarily join the E Street Band on Sunday March 6th 2016.

Before starting Working on the Highway, Springsteen noticed a sign in the pit, that asked if Tom England could play the song with the band. Little did he know that Springsteen would see the sign and invite him on stage. And Tom not only knew the words to the song, but he knew how to play the song on the guitar. And he even got to play the song on one of Springsteen’s acoustic guitars. He also shared the microphone with Little Steven Van Zandt and The Boss Himself.

Speaking to NJTechReviews, Tom England had to say this about the experience:

“That was the greatest moment of life. Bruce was so gracious welcoming me on stage and letting me play with the band. I’m so thankful that he gave me the opportunity to live my dream. I have never been happier in my entire life than when I was on stage with Bruce and jamming with him and the band. It was the greatest moment of my life.”

It sounds like this is truly a moment that Tom will certainly never forget! Check out the full video of Working on the Highway with Tom England below!


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