It has been a long time coming, and it delivers key enhancements to the software. As expected, Google did not design a new smartwatch, but teamed up with LG and is launching two pieces of hardware. The LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style will be the first watches to launch with Android Wear 2.0, but it will roll out to select Android Wear watches in the future.

The biggest feature of Android Wear 2.0 would be the addition of the Google Assistant. Yes, the most popular feature of the Google Pixel is coming to your wrist and I am keen to try it out. It can either be voice activated, or you can tap and hold on the screen to activate it. The Google Assistant can come in handy for quickly responding to texts, getting facts on the go, and even getting directions.

Along with being able to reply back with your voice to messages, you can also type, handwrite, or even draw an emoji. These input options are not just limited to text messages but are available with third-party applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and a few others. Cellular connections are built into smart watches now, or at least select models, and Android Wear 2.0 will allow you to take calls on your wrist even if a phone is not connected.

Applications can now be built for Android Wear 2.0 and can sync over from your smartphone, whether it be Android or iPhone. This can help to create a more native and streamlined experience across your connected devices. Google Fit is coming pre-installed and will give you an out of the box fitness experience for tracking everyday movements and workouts.

Lastly, Android Wear 2.0 is showing off new watch faces that can have dedicated functions. For starters, you can place an Uber button that allows you to request a ride right from the home screen. Watch faces can be easily switched out throughout the day with a simple swipe. Similar to complications on the Apple Watch, you can customize each face with specific information.

Android Wear 2.0 will be launching on both the LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport. However, it will also roll out to compatible Android Wear-based smartwatches in the coming weeks.


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