VerizonVerizon has updated their statement from earlier today– instead of having no Note7’s inventory, they are now taking a stronger stand. As a result of the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigating replacements models of the Note7, Verizon is now suspending exchanges and sales of the Galaxy Note 7.

Kelly Crummey, Director of Corporate Communications for Verizon said:

“Samsung is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to investigate the safety of replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones.  While the investigation is underway, Verizon is suspending the exchange of replacement Note7 smartphones. Any Verizon customer concerned about the safety of their replacement Note7 smartphone may take it back to the original point of purchase to exchange it for another smartphone.  Verizon online customers may also exchange their replacement Note7 smartphones at Verizon stores. “

Verizon customers who have the Note7 can bring it back to where purchased and can exchange it for another smartphone. There will be no fee for the exchange and it does not matter when the device was purchased. If you purchased the Note7 from Verizon’s online web store, you can exchange it for another smartphone at Verizon retail location.

For now, Verizon is suspending the sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7. This decision comes after a late-breaking report that Samsung has stopped production of the device.


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