Smart everything and anything has been announced at the 2017 CES. And chances are this trend of making everything smart will be happening for a while. C-way has announced memoo which aims to be a smart hub for children.

memmo is a Smart Hub for children that C-way’s says is safer than giving your kid a smartphone. In that, this smart hub can be controlled by the parents via an application. Parents can control what content they say and can even leave messages for their kids. memoo is kind of a like a smart speaker paired with an alarm clock that has an internet connection.

Children can use it hear stories, listen to music, ask questions, and even communication with their parents. This is all done through voice commands that should be simple enough for a small child to use. While it doesn’t have a screen on it, LED lights can display things to help. For instance, it can give you the weather by showing a bright sun or a rain cloud.

memoo should launch later this year at an unannounced price.

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