No, a company did not announce a sushi roll at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. Rather LEMON’s California Roll was announced a Bluetooth Speaker that can be powered by the sun. Yes, this sub $300 speaker has solar power built-in for charging. You can expect to get 20 hours of battery life through a 7-hour solar charge.

On top of having solar power built-in, you get a durable design that is waterproof, shockproof and temperature proof. And going with the eco-friendly vibes of both this speaker and LEMON, you can charge other devices with this speaker. While this is not a groundbreaking feature, as BRAVEN regularly includes this, it is nice to see. Sound quality should be good as six internal speakers inside that has the music flow out from every side of the device.

It has a standard auxiliary headphone jack port, NFC(Near Field Communications), and Bluetooth as a way to get music to it. The Bluetooth connectivity can have up to three devices connect too, all of which can control the music and the speaker will flow from one song to the next. Multiple California Rolls can be hooked together through pairing.

LEMON’s California Roll will be launching this Spring for $249.

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