Washington DC is a crucial area in the country and similar to the New York Metro Regio, carriers compete with each other for the best network. This is done through increasing network capacity and adding more cell sites. In advance of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, T-Mobile has grown the 4G LTE capacity in Washington DC.

T-Mobile has been working on the network in Washington DC for the past year. For starters, they implemented the 4×4 MIMO, and 256 QAM advanced 4G LTE technologies. Along with these specific new technologies, the overall equipment has been upgraded. This includes ew multi-beam antenna, doubling backhaul sites, and adding new LTE spectrum.

All of this improvement come together and form a stronger network–both regarding network speeds and with overall reliability. Along with these permanent enhancements, for the weeks before and after the inauguration, T-Mobile has deployed LTE-enabled cell sites on wheels.


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