YEZZ is introducing two new smartphones running Firefox OS at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. There will be a 3.5-inch and a 4-inch smartphones. They will feature crisp color for an overall well-rounded display. They will be offering web-based apps on the Firefox operating system, this will provide access to functions like the camera and generating a response to a larger amount of applications. YEZZ’s device offers a unique blend between the phone, the applications, and the web. It will let developers and the user create new experiences in exciting ways. Telefonica with YEZZ is one of 18 partners working with Mozilla to help build out the eco system of Firefox OS devices. They believe that these new devices will help to address the global need of affordable smartphones and will open the mobile ecosystem to many more people. YEZZ will soon be providing more information about exact specifications and features of the devices. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For More Coverage Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!

Press Release

YEZZ Introduces its Firefox OS Devices at 2015 CES

Las Vegas – January 5, 2015 – YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, is introducing two new devices featuring Firefox OS devices with 3.5” and 4” displays and will be showcased at the 2015 CES. Both models feature well-rounded lines and crisp colors with Mozilla’s mobile operating system, Firefox OS.

YEZZ now offers Firefox OS running web-based apps. Web apps provide access to device functions formerly available only to native apps, such as camera functions, generating a responsive and reliable experience to users. YEZZ’s Firefox OS devices yield a diverse user experience and produce a coherent fusion between the Web, phone and apps.

Mozilla’s has allied with 18 and counting partners for their operating system, including the giant Telefonica with YEZZ as one of their recent global suppliers. These partnerships convey the promising future of Firefox OS’s expansion.

YEZZ with Firefox OS will address the global need for affordable smartphones, opening the gates of the mobile web to those previously denied access due to the inaccessible pricing of smartphones. Hand in hand with Firefox OS, YEZZ will inspire global participation and stimulate massive accessibility of smartphone technology.

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