Lutron has unveiled several new integration capabilities for it’s Caséta Wireless smart home system solution. The Casèta Wireless smart home system lets your control lights, shades, and thermostats from your smartphone via the Lutron application. Today, they are announcing several new integration capabilities, which means new ways to access the system and new hardware that works with it.

The first of Lutron new integration capabilities are with the Nest Learning Thermostat, in that you can now control and view the Nest from the Lutron application, this works both in the iOS and Android apps. Secondly, you can control the Caséta Wireless dimmers and Serena shades from Logitech Harmony remote controls or via the Harmony app for your smartphone. While these two new integrations are available today, Lutron also made three another announcements that are coming in the future. They will be brining an application to the Apple Watch, the first entry into wearable market from Apple, when it launches early this year. It will allow you to access Caséta Wireless shades, lights, and more right from your wrist. The second of the future availability announcements, is that they will be integrating with AT&T Digital Life! From the Digital Life application you will be able to control and monitor Lutron devices. Lastly, they are building custom IFTT actions and will make them available via channel sometime this year. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For More Coverage Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!

Press Release


Lutron Announces New Integration Capabilities for its Caséta® Wireless Smart Home Solution for Mobile Devices

System Now Works with Nest Learning Thermostat™ and Logitech® Harmony Living Home;
AppleWatch®, AT&T Digital Life®, IFTTT integration coming soon 

Coopersburg, PA (January 6, 2015) – Creating a smarter and more connected home has never been easier. Lutron Electronics, the leading manufacturer of energy-saving, wireless lighting controls and motorized shades, today announced several new integration capabilities for its Caséta Wireless smart home system, which provides convenient control of lights, shades and thermostats anytime, from anywhere, from either a remote control or the Lutron App.

Lutron’s Caséta® Wireless dimmers, Serena™ remote-controlled shades, Pico® remote controls, and third-party devices are connected to the Lutron App via the Lutron Smart Bridge, providing an affordable smart home solution for the do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me consumer. The Lutron App is compatible with any iOS or Android-based smart phone or tablet.

Lutron is pleased to announce new integration capabilities, available now:

  1. The Lutron App can now work with the Nest Learning Thermostat. From the Lutron App, you can adjust the temperature as well as set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away from anywhere. This functionality is available now for iOS and Android-based devices.
  2. Through the Logitech® Harmony Living Home, Caséta Wireless dimmers and Serena shades can now be controlled from Logitech Harmony remote controls or the Harmony Mobile App.

Several new integration capabilities are coming soon:

  1. Lutron is thrilled that its Caséta Wireless will connect people with their homes through Apple Watch®, putting control of lights, shades and more right on your wrist. You now have control anytime, from anywhere. Turn lights on as you arrive home so you never have to enter a dark house again, or transform a room into an ideal place for watching a favorite movie. And, if you leave the lights on at home, you’ll receive a notification on your wrist with the ability to turn off your lights with a simple tap.
  2. AT&T Digital Life® customers will be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system.
  3. Lutron is also building a Channel on IFTTT that will trigger light and shade control actions from Caséta Wireless dimmers and Serena shades.

“These new energy-saving solutions give consumers the opportunity to transform their homes quickly, easily and affordably into a smart and connected home, and provide peace of mind,” said Matt Swatsky, Director – Product Management at Lutron Electronics. “With the Lutron Smart Bridge and App, we are giving people the ability to reliably control their home from anywhere in the world.”

How it Works

The Lutron Smart Bridge, which uses Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect® Wireless technology, plugs easily and directly into a home’s Wi-Fi router. Installed and set up by consumers in less than 30 minutes, the product sends wireless, radio frequency (RF) communication signals to compatible Lutron devices inside the home. The Lutron Smart Bridge Pro is professionally installed and programmed and is designed for the “do-it-for-me” consumer.

With an integrated timeclock, the Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro provide a scheduling functionality to ensure that lights and shades will adjust automatically based on time of day. Examples: shades can close 20 minutes before sunset every day, and the front porch light will turn on at dusk and off at midnight.


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