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Incipio has made several announcements at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show! Their announcements are not finished just yet, they have announced two wearables and a connected case for the iPad Air 2. Introducing the Prompt Flight and Prompt Sense wearable device and the Prompt Notification Folio for the iPad Air 2.

All of these Prompt’s notifications wirelessly pair with smartphones and tablets, it connects to these devices using Bluetooth Low Energy. It will discreetly send notifications to these devices, notifications like emails, text messages, low battery alerts, phone calls, calendar appointments, and more.

The Prompt Folio for the iPad Air 2 is made out of a eco-friendly vegan leather and allows for multiple viewing angles, the connected features come with the built-in OLED screen that will display notifications. The Prompt Folio For the iPad Air 2 is landing soon for $89.99.

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The Prompt Flight is a wireless wearable that will deliver notifications on a LED Screen. When its come out it will be available in Black, Gray, Pink, Yellow and will retail for $59.99. It features a few multi-function buttons that will let you control the connected device from your wrist, you can even control the music playing from your wrist. Incipio is also introducing the Prompt Sense wearable band that will retail for just $49.99. It is made out of a vegan leather band and provides notifications via customized  vibrations. It is very interesting to see Incipio entering the wearable market and I cannot wait to test out these devices. Stay Tuned To NJTechReviews For More Coverage Of The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show!

Press Release

Incipio Announces Expansion of Prompt Wireless Notification Collection With Prompt Notification Folio and Prompt™ Wearables

IRVINE, CA – January 6, 2015  – Incipio®, the leading designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile deviceaccessories and technology, based in Southern California, today announces the Prompt™ Notification Folio for iPad Air and Prompt™ wearable accessories, Prompt™ Flight and Prompt™ Sense at 2015 International CES.

Incipio’s lineup of Prompt™ notification accessories all wirelessly pair with most smart devices with the use of Bluetooth Low Energy to discretely and non-disruptively deliver device notifications including incoming phone calls, emails, text messages, calendar appointments, low battery alerts, and more.

Product Details Include:

PROMPT™ Folio for iPad Air 2

Notification Folio

  • Wirelessly pairs with smart device to deliver texted-based alerts through built in OLED screen
  • Non-disruptive way to receive notifications during meetings, study sessions, and more
  • Multiple viewing angles including hands-free viewing and comfortable typing angles
  • Rechargeable internal battery lasts 7-10 on a single charge
  • Premium eco-friendly vegan leather exterior
  • MSRP $89.99

PROMPT™ Flight

Wireless Controller Notification Wearable  

  • Wirelessly pairs with smart device to control music and volume without the need to physically interact with device
  • Features 4 discrete multi-function buttons that allow users to control devices while  keeping it safely stored away, ideal for outdoor activities and environments
  • Convenient LED screen displaying incoming notifications
  • Interchangeable and adjustable strap
  • Features a protective, rugged design for outdoor activities
  • Battery life up to 7-10 days on a single charge
  • Available in Black, Gray, Pink, Yellow
  • MSRP $59.99


Wearable Notification Band

  • Wirelessly pairs with smart device to provide notifications through customized  vibrations
  • Premium eco-friendly vegan leather band
  • Inconspicuous way to receive notifications during quiet settings
  • Rechargeable internal battery, lasts 7-10 days on a single charge
  • MSRP $49.99

The free and easy to use Prompt™ Notification App offers users the option to customize notifications, available for download on the Apple App store and on Google Play.



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