Last season we ended with the shocking truth that Lana’s baby was actually Archers, and tonight in episode 6 of season 6 of Archer we see the baby get brought into the story line. This is the first time, baby AJ is truly integrated with a full episode and Archer shows off his baby sitting techniques.

We get to open up with Lana already regretting letting Archer babysit for the weekend, before she even leaves baby AJ with him. Lana is betting that Archer will need help prior to her coming back from her little vacation. Within the few minutes of Lana leaving, Archer begins to teach baby AJ the fine art of making drinks when the bar isn’t fully stocked. However, the mood of the apartment quickly turns as Slater storms in and appears to be injured, but he is not by himself.


Slater ends up making Archer watch and look after a Pakistani intelligence officer, and provides first aid to him. Well it is more like Archer tells him where the first aid kit is, and he fixes himself, which is quite impressive. It seems that the intelligence officer, has just switched sides as he was a cyber spy for Pakistani intelligence, which leaves Archer having to babysit not just baby AJ but also this newcomer. After a series of questions, it appears that the Pakistani spy was double-crossing the CIA and it turns into baby AJ being held as a hostage, quite an unfortunate series of events.

Archer at first believes that Lana set this whole thing up, but he then assures him that it is real. And he wants to be brought to the agency headquarters, and he keeps baby AJ along. But when they arrive on the floor, many of the employees are there cracking many good jokes and having a full-fledged poker night. While the gang did notice he was nervous, it doesn’t really affect them so much and only a few of them go to check. After Pam walks in and sees what is going down, she goes into King Kong mode and protects baby AJ with her life. Although it turns out the Pakistani spy, still has a gun which leads Archer to run and to rope the rest of the gang in with him.

of H. Jon Benjamin). CR: FX8BIM

They end up hiding behind the desks, the same way that Brett died last season. Archer comes to the realization that having baby AJ during a mission is a huge liability and he works out a plan. After Archer gets shot, Lana walks in and it turns out Archer was right. She set up this entire role-playing activity to see if he was able to handle taking care of AJ. All-in-all the final scenes make for some great sequences and they are chock full of laughs and some sweetness. Episode 6 continues to move season 6 forward and by moving the forward the charters arcs of Archer, Lana, and baby AJ it makes for an even better season. Season 6 episode 7 of Archer is coming next Thursday at 10PM on FX! We would like to thank FX Networks for providing us with screeners for Archer Season 6.



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