Plants vs Zombies 2 is growing with a new world, Lost City Part 1 is available now for both Google Play and the App Store. This is the first of two-part update, that will usher in a new world complete with a ton of new content. The first part brings with it 10 new zombies, 16 new levels, 4 new plants, and more!

More specifically you will get 16 new golden and molten levels, along with 4 new tropical plants built for the new world. The new plants are A.K.E.E., Red Stinger, Endurian and Premium Plant Lava Guava. The 10 new zombies include the shovel-wielding Excavator Zombie, plus the Zombug, Zombie Jane, Lost Pilot, and a few others. The developers at EA Mobile are also adding sun producing Gold Tiles. When your first plant the golden tile, you will get sun and continue to collect as long as the plant remains on the tile. You can see a trailer for Lost City Part 1 and some photos below.



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