The Mickey Mouse Silly Wheelie Mickey; Photo By Nicole Case & Jacob Krol

I had the chance to check out Disney’s latest and greatest products at their Unwrapped event earlier this week in New York City. And over the next few weeks, NJTechReviews will be highlighting some products seen at the event leading up to a gift guide. The first, is a product that will truly become a must have for any Mickey Mouse fan, or at least the younger ones. The Mickey Mouse Silly Wheelie Mickey is a simple RC device, that has preset tricks and spins that it can complete.

The product it self is made quite well, featuring both a plush and plastic build, it seemed pretty durable. If you pull back on the flag, located at the back of the bike, Mickey will start to drive around and he talks while he does his tricks. Overall, the Mickey Mouse Silly Wheelie Mickey is well-rounded toy, that will be a good gift to any young kid who likes Mickey, and it can provide a solid amount of entertainment. The Silly Wheelie Mickey will be landing in August of 2015 for around $39.99. You can check out a video below that show a demo of the Mickey Mouse Silly Wheelie Mickey.


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