Going on vacation? Can’t bear to part with your beloved fur-ball, but your hotel doesn’t accommodate pets? Finding a pet sitter or boarding your dog in a kennel can be difficult and expensive. Petzi has created a solution that will allow you to leave for your vacation and also interact with your pet while he/she is at home. Featured at CE Week NY 2015, the Petzi Treat Cam is putting pet sitters out of business.

Here’s how it works. You fill the Treat Cam with your dog’s favorite treats and can then dispense the treats via your smartphone application from any location. Once the product receives the signal from the app, the Treat Cam releases a sound to alert the dog that a treat is coming. The product also comes equipped with a camera to see your pet from any location in addition to a speaker to speak directly to your pet, making it simple to check up on your furry friend while away.


The Petzi Treat Cam is available on amazon for $169.99. Stay tuned for a full review of the Petzi Treat Cam as well as all available features and designs!


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